Jun 11 2014

Top 11 SEO Tips to Improve Onpage Seo Optimization

Everyone try to get huge amount of backlinks by offpage seo and totally forget about important onpage SEO. But you should know that, Onpage seo is the primary and best seo for your website and its effect is very long by proper setting. Today I will share 11 killer onpage seo which will help you for your website.

1. Title Tags & Meta Description: Many people don’t realize importance of excellent title tags and Meta description. As mentioned by the best Seo business in Dublin, “the user will choose the most eye-caching title and description between the first 3-4 results when they search for your keyword and that’s why you should also include your primary keyword in the title and in description”.

Describe your description within 160 characters because maximum search engine show up to 160 characters and choose an excellent title within 65 characters.

2. Write Unique, High-Quality Content: This is one of the most important on-page SEO factors on this checklist. Google has cracked down on duplicate content in the past few months after their infamous Panda update. Many big website is panellized by google panda update for only duplicate content. So you should write a very good, unique, high-quality content for your seo website and need OmniWebseo the top seo Ireland company in dublin to help you achieve maximize your websites traffic.

3. Header Tag : Header tags (mainly H1, H2, H3) are a great way to organize the content on your page and also a useful on-page SEO factor. It’s really helpful because It tells the search engines that which content is more important. So it will be best if you target your keyword with H1,H2,H3 tags. Try your best to include your targeted keyword within H1 and H2 tags.

4. Keyword Density: Some people think that more keyword within an article is more effective for SEO. But it is totally wrong. Many SEO experts like by the best seo in Ireland recommended that keyword density between 2% to 6% of your total word count is good for your website. But some other also says, Do it as many times as you need in your article. Don’t overlap or remove for keyword density. But it will be better if you keep it within 2% to 6%.

5. Meta Keywords: Meta keyword in this seo site is so important to improve your keyword ranking. Some people ignore it but you should take care of it. Fill meta keyword with your primary and secondary keywords.

6. Alt Tags: How many of you all are using ALT tags for images on websites? You may be surprised how much ALT tags can help your website ranking. Today, search engines are giving more importance to ALT image tags. You can easily add alt tags by that

Or you can use just like that code <img src=”http://www.seoconfig.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/image_alt_tag.jpg” alt=”image alt tag”/>

7. Internal Linking (Interlinking): By Inter linking your blog pages (similar to what seo book does) inside your website helps Google crawler to more easily find and index your website in the future.

8. Authority External Links: Quality external links are also very important for onpage seo. So you should add some external link relevant to your main keyword. You can add some resource page or information of that topic from Wikipedia or something like that. But don’t add your competitor link as external link.

9. Optimize Your URLs: This one is probably one of the most important on page SEO criteria you need to focus on. If you are attempting to rank a website for “fast cars,” you’ll have a lot easier time if your URL is: http://www.seoconfig.com/step-by-step-keyword-research-tutorial/ instead of http://www.seoconfig.com/?p=4 If you are using wordpress then its very easy by one option in your “Settings” tab called “Permalinks.”

10. Canonicalize Your URLs: I am not sure about it but many SEO gurus think canonical link effect your seo. It means with or without “WWW” create sometime problem at search engine bots. So, it will be better if you choose one from http://www.yoursite.com or http://yoursite.com. You can do it by .htaccess or if you are using wordpress just do it like picture.

11. Fast page load: It’s also effect in your ranking. So fast page load is very necessary and you can reduce your page load time by removing unnecessary image, extra css code, zipping JavaScript etc. You can download this plugins from google to score your page load time Google Page Speed analysis That’s all for today. Thanks for reading

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